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The Complete Video Index

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1 Moving to Costa Rica - What, When and Why
2 Heading To Costa Rica
3 The Due Diligence Tour #1
4 The Tour Rages On
5 The Klipper's of Esparza
6 Why Costa Rica
7 Language... The Key To Personal Safety
8 Research is the Key.  Without it YOU FAIL!
9 Healthcare Concerns
10 The Challenge of Transportation - Licensed To Drive, Part 1
11 The Challenge of Transportation - Licensed To Drive, Part 2
12 Ship a Car or Buy A Car
13 It's Always Mañana in Costa Rica, Understanding CR Process
14 Residency, Is It For You?
15 If You Don't Like The Weather... Move!
16 How Affordable Is Costa Rica
17 Buy or Rent - What's Best For You?
18 The Transition Begins
19 Visiting The Costa Rican Consulate
20 Meeting The Residency Attorney
21 Due Diligence Trip #2
22 House Hunting in Grecia
23 Final Meeting With Residency Attorney
24 January 8th Earthquake
25 Road Trip to Guanacaste and Esparza
26 Boomers Update: Moving Day Minus 4
27 Don't Make Promises You Can't Keep
28 Sell It, Pack It, Ship It, Part 1
29 Sell It, Pack It, Ship It, Part 2
30 It's All About Containers
31 Suitcases Up The Wazoo
32 Our Shipping Container Has Arrived
33 Buy vs. Rent, The Debate Continues
34 All I Wanted Was Super Glue!
35 Trash Management 101
36 Jacó Beach Road Trip
37 Choosing the Right Retirement Tour
38 Saving Money The Old Fashioned Way
39 Fly Like Superman On A Canopy Tour
40 A Day At The Beach
41 Two Days On The Rio Pacuare - Whitewater Rafting
42 Field Trip to Monteverde - Road Trip
43 Charity Dog Show in Playas Del Coco
44 Avoiding A Follicle Fiasco
45 Our First Expat Thanksgiving
46 Shipping Personal Possessions
47 Costa Rican Law
48 Expat Interview: Paul & Gloria Yeatman
49 Doing Laundry, Tico Style
50 Combating Mother Nature... The War On Insects
51 Do I Bring It, or What?
52 Transition To The Beach
53 The Bug Lady of Rancho Lobo
54 Let Nature Help Reduce Your Electricity Bills
55 2010 A Nautical Odyssey - 3 Weeks Aboard The Yacht Fiona
56 Celebrating USA's Birthday - Tico Style
57 Day to Day Life in San Ramón
58 Expat Interview: Lisa Valencia, If I Can Do It, So Can You
59 Giving Back To The Community - Proyecto de Luz Pig Roast
60 Day Trippin' Touring Costa Rica's Natural Wonders
61 Embracing The Rainy Season
62 Arenal Volcano and Termales Del Bosque
63 Dominical, A Surfer's Paradise
64 Tamarindo, Another Surfing Paradise
65 Spanish 101 - Fran Gives It Her Best
66 Int'l Living Conf. (San Jose Aug 2010) - Living A Better Life in CR
67 The Minimalist Lifestyle: An Interview With Jerry & Nancy Freeman
68 Landslides Create Gridlock in Costa Rica
69 Say Hello To Dry Season at Playa Hermosa
70 Feliz Navidad Escuela de Sardinal
71 The Aftermath of the Pekin Star
72 A Dental Mishap
73 Farewell Pekin Star
74 Int' Living Video Podcast - A Radio Interview with Fran and Andy
75 Local Fundraiser: Fat Tuesday Blowout in Playa Hermosa
76 Congo Trail Canopy Tour
77 Condofish, An Artificial Reef Project
78 A Family Day At Sea
79 A Boy and His Dog(s)
80 Personal Safety: US Consulate video
81 Sailing Aboard The Marlin
82 How We Got Here - Int'l Living Vegas Intro Video
83 Concert At The Upper Deck - Andy's Performing Debut
84 Back In The USA - Our recent trip back to the Western US.
85 Sardinal Baseball -  Gringos giving back
86 Thanksgiving 2011
87 Int'l Living Conf. (San Jose Aug 2011) - Living A Better Life in CR
88 Int'l Living Conf. (San Jose Aug 2011) - Guanacaste
89 Int'l Living Conf. (Las Vegas Oct 2011) - Why Costa Rica
90 Playa Hermosa Guanacaste, An Overview
91 Playa Hermosa School Xmas Party
92 Playas Del Coco, Overview
93 Playa Danta/Flamingo
94 Playa Jacó
95 Northern Frontier
96 Candy Cane Give Away
97 Playa Hermosa Skim Boarding Competition
98 Catching The Big One Off Playa Tamarindo
99 Feliz Año Nuevo - Happy New Year 2011
100 Fire On The Mountain
101 Miss Piggy Comes To Visit
102 Xmas Party Blowout at Mike Simon's 
103 San Ramón to Liberia
104 Expats At Sea - Sailing the Marlin
105 Liberia Guanacaste
106 Learning Spanish Over Dinner
107 Drum Circle to Save the Monkeys
108 2012 Atenas Chili Cook Off
109 Dining With Rocío's Kitchen
110 Fran Applies For Social Security
111 Day Trippin' To Las Hornillas
112 How We Got Here - Int'l Living Vegas Intro Video
113 Santa Cruz Feria
114 A Visit To A Private Physician
115 The Great Eyeglass Giveaway
116 Day Trippin' To Playa Carillo
117 Panama Due Diligence (7 videos)
118 Andy Rock The Aquarium
119 Blue Flag Fundraiser In Playa Hermosa
120 A Little Help From Our Friends - Early Xmas for Kids at Playa Hermosa School
121 Playa Hermosa School English Class
122 Fishing The Papagayo
123 Interview With Future Expats Tom and Dina Duffy
124 Playa Coco Chili Cook Off
125 Playa Hermosa Beach Cleanup
126 Jammin at La Vida Loca
127 Ecuador Due Diligence Tour (11 videos)
128 Jammin at La Vida Loca
129 Day Trip To San Jose
130 Filling Prescriptions at the CAJA
131 International Day of Peace in Coco
132 Apocalypto - The Fusion of Art & Music
133 The Great Candy Cane Giveaway II
134 New Year's Eve in Playa Hermosa
135 Beating The High Cost of Meat
136 Salve Monos II - Saving the Monkeys
137 Fran & Kathy Bust It For San Jose
138 Atenas Chili Cook Off 2013
139 Be Prepared
140 Joe Kinelski - Coco Expat
141 USA Trip - Ya Can't Go Home Again!
142 CIMA Hospital Guanacaste
143 Costa Rica Rule #1
144 CR Retirement: Dream vs Reality - NPR Interview
145 Visiting the Ministry of Health
146 Getting Your Car Inspected
147 Fishing the Papagayo with the Uno Mas
148 Reforesting The Papagayo
149 Fishing the Papagayo with the Papasula
150 Skimboarding Championship 2013
151 Run for the Border
152 Interview: Travel Costa Rica Now - Michael and D'Angelo
153 Hermosa Retains Blue Flag
154 Fishing with Friends
155 Hermosa Charity Event for AED Defibrillators
156 Inside Africa: Our recent trip to the Dark Continent 
157 Xmas on the Beach
158 A Girls Day Out Sailing
159 Good Fun, Good Friends, Good Fishing
160 TCRN Interviews Boomers Offshore
161 Six Years in 11 Minutes - A Video Recap