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Before there was a Boomers Offshore Newsletter, I detailed our new life in Costa Rica in diary form.  Here is that DIARY which spans a 14 month period from March 31, 2009 (our arrival in country) through May 19, 2010.



001 PREMIER ISSUE: Welcome to The Boomers Offshore Newsletter
002 VOIP - Internet Telephone Solutions

Developing A "Mule" Network

House Hunters International - Idiots In Paradise

Recipe: Boomers Offshore Cocktail

GPS Solutions


Food Ain't Cheap in Costa Rica

It Sucks and Saves You Money - The FoodSaver

The Benefits of Drinking Coconut Water (Agua de Pipa)

Recipe: Margarita Salsa/Pico de Gallo

Road Trip Back to the Central Valley


Who Says You Can't Get Good Beef In Costa Rica?

Beating The High Cost of Fish

IL Conference, San José - Aug 2010

Recipe: Chicken Soup with a Tico Twist

Our Road To Residency

Going Postal In Costa Rica


Renewing Our CR Drivers License

Costa Rican Dentistry

Fair Weather Friends

Recipe: Cajun/Tico Shrimp's Creole

Beware of Rental Car Scams

Planning The First Visit Back to USA


Costa Rica's High Cost of Living - Fact or Fantasy

In Search of the Perfect Pizza Pie

Awesome Spaghetti Sauce

Car Ownership

Rains Shut Down CR's Highways


Bring It or Ship It: The High Cost Of Replacement

What To Bring (or NOT) to Bring to CR

Personal Reflection on Expat Life by Fran Browne

Abusive Forum Moderators

Recipe: Margarita Jello Shots

The In's and Out's of House Sitting


Medicines Are Not Always Cheaper in CR

Finding The Perfect Spot

Coping With The Holiday Season by Fran Browne

What's An  Ugly American by Christopher Howard

Beware of the Ladrones

When Is Spam NOT Spam?


Readers Respond To My Rant on Forum Moderators

What Do I Miss Living In Costa Rica by Fran Browne

Recipe:Mama Browne's Banana Bread

A Report On Our First Trip Back to USA

If You Don't Like The Weather… MOVE!


Controlling Personal Expenses

New Year's Eve - Playas Del Coco

Andy, No es Tranquilo - Cleaning Up Playa Hermosa

Addicted to Technology by John Holtz

Undreamed Dreams by George Lundquist

Recipe: Shepherd's Pie

Potential Identity Theft AT Super Luperon


Daily Life At The Beach

How To Type Spanish Characters

Health Issues - A Female Perspective by Fran Browne

To Mail or Mule by Donna Anderton

¿Qué haría usted?... What Would You Do? by Fran Browne

Recipe: Empanadas, A Latin American Favorite


What In The Hell Do I Do All Day by Fran Browne

Fat Tuesday Blowout - Playa Hermosa Fund Raiser

Swimming With The Crocs

Kids Movie Night On The Beach

Typing Spanish Characters - Revisited

Can't Cha Get It Right?

Recipe: Hummus, with a Tico Twist

New Process For Submitting Documents

Bunches of Visitors to Guanacaste


It's Nature's Way - Local Airlines Discount

Renewing My Passport from Offshore

You're Not Here On Vacation - Due Diligence Tours

Planning My Road trip to the US

Embracing The Rainy Season


Medical Tourism Coming To Guanacaste

We're Not In Illinois Anymore by Sally Timm

Maybe I'm Just An Old Fart by Fran Browne

Home Alone by Fran Browne

Rent Before Buying by George Ernst

The Highway Star: Andy's Solo Road trip to the US

Tips on Renting A Cell phone In The US


Not Knowing Spanish Can Kill You!

Update on New CIMA Hospital in Guanacaste

Upcoming IL Conferences for 2011

Defying The Odds - Building in CR by Janie Sohmer

Busting the 72 Hour Rule for Visa Renewal

Using A Proxy Server to Stream US Television


Cardioligist… I Think Not

IL Conference, San José - Aug 2011

C'Mon Kids, We'e Moving To Paradise by Randy Toltz

Swindled By A Horse Thief - Avoid Being Scammed

Test Driving CR - Buy or Rent Your First Car


Check Out The New B.O. (Boomers Offshore) Index

Golf in Guanacaste by Richard Shaffer

Yoga For Health by Alana Shaffer

IL Conference, Las Vegas - Oct 2011

Can A Single Woman Retire in Costa Rica

Back in The USA - Western USA Tour 2011


Election 2012: ¿Vota o Bota? - Absentee Ballots - by Sally Timm

Things We Take For Granted - Emergency Services

My First Due Diligence Visit - by Tom Duffy

Getty Images v. Boomers Offshore

Driving in Costa Rica - A True Adventure


Things We Take Forgranted - Mail Delivery

Staying True To Our Plan

A Single Woman's Adventure - by Sharon Lumley

Problems With Perpetual Tourism


Horseshoes Up My Ass

Three Years Under Our Belt

Getting Your First Drivers License

Rainy Season Survival Guide


Fran Goes Off On Healthcare - by Fran Browne

Buying Additional Medical Insurance

I'm An Expat NOT An Ex-Patriot by Suzan Haskins

Cell Phone Rental in CR - No Longer Necessary

SJO or LIR: Which Is The Best Airport


Communicating In Español

Contrast Brings Appreciation by Arden Brink

First Timers Due Diligence Tour

Gringos Can Be Such Assholes

Renewing Our Cedula - Eazy Peazy


Panama… Is It For You

What NOT To Do When Moving To Costa Rica

Better Healthcare Arrives In Guanacaste

Expat Focus: Three Stories - Three Experiences


B.O. Going Multi-Lingual

Absentee Voting by Sally Timm

Tom & Dina: The Ultimate Pragmatists

Banco Nacional Electronic Banking Tutorial

Getting Screwed As Soon As You Arrive


Ecuador, Is It The Next Costa Rica

Undertaking the Expat Journey by Eve Andover

Immigration Amnesty - by Adrian Fernandez

My First Costa Rican Drivers License - by Roseanna Boyer

Your Feedback Is Needed


New Drivers License Law

The Expat Scorecard

Ecuador: Three Cities - Three Experiences

Video Production Tips - Making Chapter 127


Coming Out (to friends)

Bring Pets To Costa Rica

Is It Really a Good Ida To Move Here

Protecting Your Real Estate


Is My Glass Half Full or Half Empty

Rent versus Buy - Ying versus Yang

Off The Streets and In The Bars - Andy's Musical Career in CR

Necessity is the Mother Of Invention


Ten Month Hiatus Is Over for Boomers Offshore

Renters Have Rights Too

I Can See Clearly Now - Cataract Surgery in CR - by Steve Friedman

What's In Frandy's Future


Developing Your "Plan B" Strategy

Getting My New Bank Account - by Jen Seymour

Keeping U.S. Bank Accounts While In Costa Rica - by Daniel Woodall

More Hassles In Store for Perpetual Tourists

Frandy's Florida Due Diligence

032 Saying Goodbye with Mixed Emotions - The real story behind our repatriation

Preparing for Repatriation

What's The Story With Our Tour Business?

Remembering The Good  Times - by Fran Browne

Will Costa Rica Survive In The Long Term? - by Garland Baker


We Came, We Saw, We Conquered - Final Florida Due Diligence Trip

Getting Healthcare through the A.C.A.

Things to Consider when Repatriating

The Ins and Outs of Selling A Car In Costa Rica

Persona Non Grata: Or is it just a case of Outta Sight, Outta Mind.


Now What ?!

We Never Intended To Die In Costa Rica...

One Year and Counting - by Steven Friedman



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